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Cast Aluminum Molds

Aluminum cast molds are the most cost-effective solution for a detailed or high quality surface finish on your rotationally molded plastic product. Diversified Mold & Castings pays close attention to every intricate tool detail and uses premier quality models, tooling and castings.

Additionally, our expert staff is accomplished in all aspects of mold finishing and framing. The skills of our professional craftsmen combined with the use of quality equipment results in a final mold that exceeds our customer's expectations. Our spiders and framework are designed to require minimal maintenance over the life of the mold.

We offer:

  • Standard industry finishes
  • Cast finishes - when a wood grain or stone effect is required
  • Precision machined components
  • Pull pins
  • Insert pins
  • Standard and custom clamping mechanisms
  • Spring loaded bolts and receivers
  • De-Sta-Co 311 and 341 clamps
  • Teflon coating
  • Sound Metal suitable for Sand Blast, Texture, & Teflon Coating
  • Multiple piece Mold Capability
  • Rubber Tooling
  • Tongue & Groove Parting Line
  • Raw Castings or Fit, Finish, Framing upon request
  • Consistent Mold Walls
  • Our Quality Molds Produce Quality Parts for You