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About Us - History

In 1939, L.S. “Luke” Beinke established Plaster Process with only 7 employees. With the unexpected death of Beinke, Salvatore Costello, Beinke’s son in law, took over the family run business in 1965 and purchased it in 1966. Thirty one years later, Salvatore’s son Vince would follow in his footsteps with the purchase of the company. Through hard work and dedication Vince made his passion for expansion a reality. In the late 90’s, Vince joined in a partnership with Randy Johnson at John-Del. In 2007, Costello began the merging process with the purchase of John-Del. That same year, the company moved to the current sight and thus, Diversified Mold & Castings was born. From 1996, when Vince Costello purchased Plaster Process to current day, Diversified Mold & Castings has been expanding and improving in every way. In the past 3 years, our company has grown and improved to a workforce of over 45 employees and merged with two other companies to ensure our customers superior quality and unsurpassed services. With these additions, DMC has many new prospects available for the company and the customers. Today, methods of mold making have extended to include machining, fabrication of both aluminum and steel, sand casting, and, the origin of our company, plaster casting, as well as many other options.

Diversified Mold & Castings provides exceptional services to many companies throughout the United States today and for many years to come.

Original Crew

Luke Beinke

Salvatore "Sam" Costello